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I like the Idea of Trump and Putin dividing up the middle east , going in and taking it all away from them better .

Who could trust Putin to “play nice” and act like a gentleman with an agreement between himself and Trump? I certainly would not.

Playing nice with Putin and expecting that he’ll keep to agreements is pure fantasyland. Putin will do what’s in Putin’s best interest first, Russia’s a distant second, and lining the pockets of his insider-supporters. Beyond that, “fugedaboutit!” As a friend of ours said suddenly in the middle of a conversation about Ukraine, “PUTIN IS EVIL!” — Oh, did I mention that this person knows eastern Ukraine intimately – having grown up there and only coming to the US well into adulthood? And that the friend speaks Russian as the first language? Of that family members who were unable to get out are still stuck within a short drive of the Russian border, and confirm everything the western media is simply totally unwilling to report about the current death and destruction still going on in that area?

Nope. Brulen’s got it right: “self sufficiency in oil.” Putin wants a lock on his own energy resources, and we simply cannot afford in the US to expect to get our own resources from anywhere other than North America.