Definitely time to prepare.

Was just speaking with a gent who is certainly much less computer savvy than most here, but who knows the underbelly well.
LA, Vegas, Texas, he’s been in and around each in the last couple weeks. And he’s been seeing things that have him concerned.
The criminal class, something is up.

Nothing organized, but a tension, a vibe from them has him more concerned than usual. They are more brash, the de-policing has them feeling their oats. 8 years of Zero has them feeling entitled to the world. And now they see that changing, and they will fight it.

His opinion, something will happen before the mid term election. Something big, with a foreign hand. (Soros?)

He and his crew are pulling out the stops.
Same with some former LE contacts.

Something is in the wind gentlemen (and ladies), and it will likely be a serious fight.