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Seems to me that the left believes they’re the revolution, and that they don’t yet comprehend that they’re the target of the revolution that has built steam for the past couple of years. It’s unfolding now right in their laps. What they think is a revolution is really just the rantings and ravings of four-year-old mentality would-be dictators themselves. But because they’re housed in adult bodies with fully (though faultily-formed) brains, their tantrums can and should still be expected to be dangerous. In adults, it’s called mental illness, and if there are any non-leftist sociologists in existence, they should be having a field day analyzing what’s going on in society.

The losing side could yet destroy everything based on the philosophy that if they can’t have it their way, they’ll literally destroy it all. But isn’t that what their mentors, Karl & Friedrich, taught them in their final 8 sentences – forcibly destroy the social and political order? (And of course that was followed up in more modern terms by Cloward and Piven.)

It’s hap’nin’ people! Continue to prepare. It’s been said, “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear.” As Selco said in his email one week ago (14 February), “The year is well underway folks. Make sure you are all making the most of the time you have…!” If you haven’t seen the article associated with that email yet, make sure you do – soon: