Darin Prentice
Darin Prentice

THANKS GYPSY..excellent post, iv been sampling weeds for some time. mostly i recognize them on sight, if i dont know one i wont eat it. but the abundance of edible wild is so huge, most people who die in the wilderness die lying on top of food. i wouldnt take anyones word of something being edible unless they know what they talk about. chives have a deadly cousin, you can only tell apart by the flowers, the domestic rose is toxic, but wild roses are edible. rosehips are 300 times more vitamin ‘c’ than an orange, but you must remove the seeds inside first. wild garlic is poisonous but if you bake it then its good to eat. so many ifs and ands… im very wary of people who taste test to see if its poison, or what reactions will occur. if anything that would be a do or die need, theres always an alternative like bugs, small game, and fish. grass is always a good eat, cow grass, bullrush, and others need to be boiled a couple times to get rid of the sour milky taste, but kud isnt that bad, i offset with rhubarb on the side together its really tasty.. good old stand bys like clover, fireweed, and hunny suckle are great, bend over pick em and chew while you walk for instant energy on the go. thanks again gypsy wanderer husky…. good post.

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