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Obama was the vile reprehensible villain in the whole tale. It’s acknowledged he started the Fisa investigation into Trump and his political team. We know how that ended. In the Trump tower with 3 clowns and a midget telling Trump he had to resign or they would blackmail him. That was the IC product. If you were President and saw this first hand along with the Schumer threats of them getting you …. well it would be a shock. The house cleaning has just begun in the corridors of invisible power.
Networks of powerful people will be exposed. The potential offing risk still seems very high.

The press conference at noonish was good. The “star” reporter system still asking insulting questions. He indulged them. Tried to explain. But you know pompous asses. They only tried harder. The previous Obama left everything in a mess and these reporter pukes can’t see past their own noses. Classified info leaked thru them is a criminal act. The President Trump is warning them as CIC not their little media whipping boy. The Donald will find these insidious leakers and deal with them.

So goes day x of cw2.

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