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Freedom, It’s more than just names and labels. It’s fundamental evil, and the 30,000 – even if “successful,” will find out they were just what Lenin reportedly called the “useful idiots.” The goal is for destruction of the social and political order. That’s total destruction, basically. And they intend to do it forcibly (obvious). So don’t worry about what the media reports, or the labels involved. Watch what is HAPPENING. It’ marching along very, very nicely (“nicely” as defined by their side).. Most of society (one half of the destruction equation) has no idea what’s happening in front of their noses.

But yes – you’re right, it all ends in dictatorship. I had the rare experience today to hear a short segment of Ruxh Limbaugh while traveling around (I’m not a regular listener at all – in fact, I rarely listen to him. He explained that the Democrat Party is essentially dead as an elected political party. Their numbers are down in Congress significantly, and their numbers are WAY down in state legislatures and governors’ mansions. So their strategy is to destroy the elected republican (as in constitutional republic) government, because it no longer works for them. Their aim is to REPLACE the constitutional republic. Limbaugh either has no real idea, or else (like everyone else in the media) refuses to acknowledge it publicly – this is the Marxist concept of forcibly destroying the social and political order of things. It’s just that the core of “them” is very small. They’re just using those 30,000 foot soldiers. I even suspect that Obama is much more the foot soldier than he has any idea, and that he’ll be cast aside by the real leaders.