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The ultimate community organizer, now that he’s had top national exposure and experience. The only disagreement I have with the article is that Obama isn’t running it. He’s a chosen figurehead, even if he DOES think he’s running anything. And it’s not communists. Remember, that term/concept was Marx’s smokescreen right within the Manifesto. True Marxism is far worse than communism. Communism has only been a term that has been used by the Marxists to mask the real agenda. Cuba never had communism, either – the media just called it that. Again, read the final chapter of the Manifesto – it’s less than a full page, but the agenda is in the final 8-9 sentences: forcible destruction of both social order and political order. It’s VERY long, but well worth the read, as Malgus said:


This is the re-emergence of the 1960s and 70s radicals. They’ve only been underground for 40 years, but like any “good” army in between wars, they’ve been training, training, and training, along with recruiting and enhancing skills (plus developing new versions of the good-ol’ skills). Yes, we may well see a version of civil war, but I believe Selco’s right. Side-switching will be frequent, identification of enemy will not be by physical appearance necessarily, and it will be brutal in any case.