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The word for the day today is: “symptomatic” – as in, “This is highly symptomatic of the problem.” [Stone Mountain is a suburb of Atlanta, just outside the Interstate loop on the east side.]

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. – DeKalb County School District Superintendent Stephen Green believes diversity makes America stronger, and by that measure the school district is a powerhouse.

Green issued a statement recently to highlight diversity in the district and urge compassion for its immigrant and refugee students, which come from dozens of different countries and speak dozens of different languages, The Champion Newspaper reports.

“We are hearing a lot of conversation right now, some of it extreme, about how residents from originally outside our country should be treated,” Green wrote. “We have 102,000 students here. They come from more than 180 countries, and they speak 140 languages.

MUCH too close to home. If I could handle the cold, I’d be moving up MB’s way! This is suicide.

Come on up, it was above zero this morning and we have a lovely blue sky today. Down at the Town Hall I heard folks taking about the upcoming sugaring season. Life is good.