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Good reminder, Benjammin. Too many Americans are far too quick to look at combat vets as just “screwed up” when they react to things nobody else around them reacts to – because most Americans have never witnessed a grenade get tossed into a bar by a little kid on a bike in Saigon, or what you detailed above, or the first explosion, followed by the second explosion after people have gathered to help the injured from the first explosion. Israelis and others already know that trick well.

Sadly, as was pointed out in Malgus’ “Days of Rage” post, bombing has already been used in the United States – but too few today were alive or aware back in the 70s, and don’t remember that history. To those of us that reached adulthood in the 60s (even the very early 70s), what we’re seeing now should seem downright eerie. It’s a resurgence of exactly what was happening back then, but we’ve become a far more confrontational society, with far fewer rules pertaining to human decency, and thus Benjammin’s reminder above seems spot-on to me.