I think your reasoning is sound. Just keep stacking it high and deep, brother. As an added note, many people tend to want to push their weapon far beyond it’s capability. I believe that if you stay within the design limits and the purpose for it’s development in the first place, you will never go wrong. I know many people are always looking for that all-around special rifle that will “do it all.”

And I understand that in many cases there will be some over lap in their abilities, but generally speaking, it’s not going to happen. Trying to make a “sniper” rifle out of a weapon obviously not meant to be used in that way is foolish. I have my 50-150yd AK’s, my close in shotguns, and my long range Remington 700 in .308. Throw in a couple of Ruger 10-22’s and I’m set. Oh, and my wife is equally equipped.

This doesn’t include the handguns. Anyway, don’t let the naysayers distract you. Stock up, practice, and be confident it will do the job. Oh, one last thought. If you take care of your weapon, it will take care of you.