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Well, perhaps, except that Afghanistan (and every other conflict our military has engaged in recently) was a political conflict with a limited objective and the rules of engagement were not set for total victory. Domestic civil conflict can only escalate so far because insurrectionists simply cannot arm themselves to a combat level sufficient to compete with US armed forces. A definite contrast in the two paradigms.

Also, it has been fairly indicative that leftist protestors don’t tolerate armed confrontation well. They tend to avoid direct contact with armed security. Those that don’t usually get the bum’s rush to jail as they lack experience and the will to stand and take a beating. Even so, a prudent conservative will not go looking to start an argument with them, as just like all cowards, they will strike if they detect weakness.

Ever notice how those on the losing end of an argument that can’t accept they are wrong simply get louder to try to assert their position? As if yelling will change the truth. The thing is, even with the media and politicians on their side, the average joe already knows the truth. That’s why they aren’t gaining any traction.

Regardless, once I have established my argument is valid, the debate is over for me. If they can’t refute my point, then I won’t pay attention to their noise. It’s a waste of my time. If they want to get nasty about it, they can deal with the law, and if they make it personal, I will break their hearts. But I won’t stay engaged otherwise.