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benjammin, On your statement: (I would think that any Civil War scenario today would have to be figurative, as the disparity of arms between the establishment and the anti-establishment would pretty much rule out any literal domestic conflict in a fairly short timeline. This isn’t like 1865, where any local foundry could shuck out half a dozen cannon and mortar in a week. 100 million people with guns cannot stand against modern mechanized armor. )

Well if that were true then how come we have NOT won many of the wars with much less then 1 million armed like Afghanistan, and even Vietnam. We are talking about 100 million with over 500 million guns! it will talk 20 years for them to try to win and even then with what army? The army is made up of the same people. Will the army kill there own families, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers? Many will turn on them. I do not think the government can win!

I do not agree with you on this. The liberals are now radical communist that will not give up. They will go on till they win back power or get confronted by the other side with the truth every time they lie. Understand that they have been lying throw the news media, president, stars, and all the left wing politicians for eight years so they will not stop. This is our time to stand up with the truth and not let them lie to us anymore.