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For home, I keep low scale poster maps of the local area hung in my war room for planning purposes and general orientation. In the car, a couple of folded maps for backup seem to be most effective. In a pinch, I will get on google maps and screen shot specific areas of interest or trip routing and print those for a trip folder. I find that trip folders are pretty handy, as I can stuff them with all sorts of travel information and itineraries and reference info. Even printing street views of intersections or storefronts or mile markers can be added. I highly recommend having something like this for any sort of road trip away from your usual AO.

I will build a 3 ring binder this way, using sheet protectors and building up all sorts of map views, street views, step by step routing narratives, contact lists with names, addresses, phone numbers, pamphlets, brochures, etc. I’ve even done this for others coming to visit me, adding video files of driving down the road to various key waypoints for them to stay oriented with. I recommend everyone with a smartphone with a camera shoot video of common approaches from out of area to their locus. Maintain security on these files, but they can sure come in handy.