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I would think that any Civil War scenario today would have to be figurative, as the disparity of arms between the establishment and the anti-establishment would pretty much rule out any literal domestic conflict in a fairly short timeline. This isn’t like 1865, where any local foundry could shuck out half a dozen cannon and mortar in a week. 100 million people with guns cannot stand against modern mechanized armor.

So what we are really left with is a battle of words, people will scream and chant and wave their signs, but as we have already witnessed in DC with the rioting there, those who resort to violence will be dealt with post haste. I think they arrested over 200 of them, for busting windows and setting a limo on fire and going fisticuffs with a few cops. Despite the volume of the protests, the reactions was relatively mild. I guess if this is civil war, it will be a dud. Given the fact that the vast majority of the LE and military community are enamoured with this president, those who would likely attempt more violent means of disruption would face some stiff and insurmountable resistance, and would become good examples of the don’t let this happen to you crowd. Sure, the MSM won’t likely report on it without a definite slant against the administration, but it doesn’t sound like DT cares much what they think anyways, and neither do most of the people working for him.

My suggestion would be to not engage those who lost and didn’t get their way and are now whining and throwing a tantrum. They will lash out at anyone that opposes them, and besides, why give them any greater voice? We won, we are going to get our way, and there’s nothing more they can do about it that we don’t allow. Let them make their noise and hold up their signs, they aren’t going to convince us we were wrong, and if they try to take it to a physical confrontation they are only going to experience yet more pain, and I don’t have to do anything but let the people in power deal with them. But you will see some stupid people try to engage them anyways in poorly chosen venues, and then they get beaten and on the news. Best not to challenge these people and end up with a bullseye on your back. Just go on with your life and if we just ignore them and continue on with what we are doing they will eventually give up and go home. Be ready, but don’t go out of your way to engage them, because none of them will listen at this point. We know what is right and we have the power now to make it happen, if we tune out the noise. Plus, don’t forget that many of these screamers and defilers are being paid to do a job. I liken it to walking through the mall where all the peddlers are trying to engage me to buy their perfume, lotion, cellphone, etc. If I just keep walking, I don’t end up wasting time nor money. My reason to be at the mall has nothing to do with them.

Observe, learn, prepare, plan, and act. I watched a video on the protests going on in Portland Oregon, where the protesters stopped traffic at an intersection and frustrated commuters were engaging them to no effect. Then the riot police showed up and the protesters scattered like cockroaches when the light comes on, except for one who didn’t move quick enough and got stomped in front of a cheering crowd. After that, the protesters just became noisemakers while everyone went about their business. They are paid to protest, and we pay others to keep them in line. Not our job. They can break the law at our inconvenience, but they end up bleeding and out of breath if they persist. If they cross the line too far, they will end up a statistic in a self defense report. Nothing new about that.