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Yes, game meat would be preferable, but not always convenient. My problem is no matter how much I seem to get it never lasts long enough. Spam is easier to obtain, seems to hold up better once dehydrated, and doesn’t mysteriously disappear from the pantry or the freezer like my game meat does. I reckon just about any processed meat could be dehydrated similarly. Spam was just something we had a surplus of the first time we tried it, so we gave it a go.

I find it ironic how people will refuse to eat certain things. That is, until they haven’t eaten anything for a couple days and their gut is nagging them. After one of my earlier survival exercises, we were given sandwiches made from flattened slices of white bread with industrial strength peanut butter and a glass of reconstituted nonfat milk that was a bit more dilute than the recipe called for. I recall upon seeing the flattened soggy sandwiches and the near transparent milk I couldn’t open my mouth to say thank you because I was salivating so much. After a diet of ants and grass shoots and a spit roasted armadillo, I guarantee your palate will become a lot more accommodating.