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Yes, good points. Prior to SHTF, that GPS and phone/tablet are valuable tools for recon. I use them to try to learn the area like the back of my hand, and having a good paper map will be of great help in the transition from pre-SHTF to in-the-mix mode. Not taking away from the paper maps, but I don’t see them get used much for over the road nav anymore. Plug and play seems to have relegated car maps to standby. Still essential, though.

After being in Alaska for a few years, I keep a duffle bag with 30+ lbs of cold weather gear in the rigs when the weather goes cold. I figure I am good down to -25 F with what I got comfortably, and at least 3 days of food and water, plus other aids for survival. I try not to do the kitchen sink routine as there’s always gonna be something else I could bring that I might need, and just stick to what I know I have to have to get by, and trust that I have enough intelligence and wisdom to make it work. I wish I could keep myself armed better, but with some of the places I have to go, that just isn’t a possibility. Then again, we didn’t have any weapons in our E&E training either.