I think this is a time to find out not what the resolve of the left is, but the resolve and sand of the conservatives.
Are we willing to sit back on our heels and watch all that has happened come to naught?
Are we willing to stand up and make them earn every penny, every inch? Or are we going to stand and deliver?

I for one had an attitude adjustment back in September, it continued through until Christmas.
Long story short, my easy and laid back attitude took a hit and I had to really look at what I believed in, and what I was capable of/would do.

The left/criminals want to ramp up their attacks and activities? Great, that makes it easier to identify them and take care of them.

They want to hurt me and mine (this includes members of my former profession), my response will be nothing short of epic. I am done with the bullspit and molly-coddling, two simple words exemplify my attitude and future actions:
No Quarter.