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One thing that I focus on in the winter is always having cold weather stuff with me. Weather conditions can change quickly and should you find yourself needing to be outdoors longer than you thought, good quality clothes can make all the difference.

Tuesday night we got an inch or two of ice pellets followed by some freezing rain. The town as usual did a good job of clearing & treating the roads but somehow three of our four plow trucks ended up out of commission by the end of it. One was back up quickly enough but not the other two. Not a big deal being the sun came out and the temp went up to 42 degrees yesterday. Lots of melt on the roads as a result, and then the temp plummeted rapidly, getting down to temps where salt won’t easily melt the ensuing ice. Then it started snowing again last night and continues as I speak. At 8 degrees with ice from last night under the new snow, and only half the normal plowing capacity, it was touch and go maneuvering my way down the other side of the mountain this morning. It is very steep with sharp curves, and is the only way out of my valley short of maybe a 15 to 20 miles detour up the valley on a paved road or down the valley on a dirt road.

The point of my story is sometimes there are factors independent of each other that can pile up on you, in this case a combination of losing half our plowing capacity just as weather conditions lined up to create nasty conditions (ice under snow). And at the bottom of the mountain was a utility crew dealing with a downed tree.

Best to be prepared.