TPTB/DC Machine are showing the new Pres that since he is an outsider, not ‘one of them’, things will not go the way he wants. Certainly not smoothly or quickly. That is why many naive and altruistic people who get elected by promising so much–fade into the background. (Not saying Trump is altruistic or totally naive…just not ‘one of them’.) The opposition, even those who claim conservatism, are putting up roadblocks just to discipline him. Sad that our USA is so bogged down in politics at its worst. Forward progress if any, will be slow. (Or is it backward progress, to what things used to be? Or should have been?)

Plus Trump is used to being at the helm in the business world. He is not a dictator of this country. Things in a constitutional republic move slowly because many minds and many opinions are involved. Unfortunately, many special interests too. I am glad that the left did not win this election, but I am not sure we did, either. Still prepping…