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The left is indeed solidly organized and entrenched, while conservatives tend to be individualistic as someone pointed out in the “Days of Rage” post. I am a pessimist and do not see the next four years ending well. At least not what we wish it to be. And by then, I have no doubt the Liberals will have the voting well-rigged to avoid another Trump-style victory. Still prepping…

I agree. At best maybe a quarter of the electorate will always vote Democrat and a quarter Republican no matter who the candidate is. It is that broad middle that leans a little to the left or a little to the right that determine who wins. These folks can go either way, and they have. Unless Trump knocks off the endless twitter comments and starts behaving a bit more presidential, the Republicans may see crushing defeats in 2018 and 2020. He can continue doing everything he is doing at a policy level without making himself look like an overly sensitive bully. Someone needs to tell him he won the election and it is time to be the President. It may be fun to hear some of what he says, but it is not playing well in the middle. The rest of us need to remember he barely won several States. A small fraction of the middle changing sides in those States and he will lose in 2020. We also can’t lose sight of the fact that demographics is on the side of the left. It gets slightly better for them each year that goes by.

The other thing is that as much as many of us like his fast pace, implementation matters, and the roll out of the temporary entry ban left much to be desired. It seemed as if nobody had taken a day to think through what kinds of scenarios will quickly pop up.