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Hi Benjammin,
Most of the area around me has cell although there are dead spots. Less people usually less coverage. But I love my iPad with cell and 4g, and some countries 5g. Apps for navigation on water. Asps for everything you can think of. But I still take paper. Specific areas topo maps are available. County highway maps. AAA maps. Maps of state forest and campgrounds. Facilities, no facilities, primitive areas. Some places I use a sat phone because it’s the only way to stay in touch. It always does Lat Lon and elevation.
Depending on which bubble goes down I’ll consider the options. There are always workarounds. You take the wrong vehicle. Forget things. Only plan on being gone for a couple hours. Long walk home. Got a huge blister. Wife needs a bike. Found a tree blocking the road. Landslide took out the road. It snowed and the road was buried under 2 feet of heavy wet snow. Windstorm turned the woods to splinters. I can think of a dozen more things. Improvise and use every inch of spare space in your vehicle all the time. Stuff it. That’s what the cops do around here. You should see their trunks.
Something big like war people will be driving like crazy to get home or hit the store up. That will be a very dangerous time. Accidents shut down the roads here constantly. A gasoline tanker went off the road and started leaking recently. A major artial had to be rerouted during rush hour. Get the satelite radio option. 6 hours in a vehicle. 14 hours on a plane. 30 car/truck pileup in fog. Gas pumps don’t take CCs. Car hijackings. Nothing unusual these days. It’s a world gone mad or trying to stay sane. Even presidents have problems.

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