I’ll stick to living in a place that even the goat humpers avoid.

Anyone notice that the stuff is slowing down, sure the idiot celebrities are flapping their gums, but even Pelosi pointed out that Trump can’t be impeached because people don’t like him.

The bad guys have guns?
The bad guys have always had guns.
And bluntly, I’m no more concerned about the New Black Panthers and neo-anarchists than I was yesterday or last year, or my great grandparents were concerned about Dillinger or Bonnie & Clyde.

Civil war? Not even in my top twenty concerns.
Every twenty minutes there’s a new crisis. I’m just not going to worry about the crisis of the day when I need to be concerned with long term unemployment, injuries, etc.
Because if I can weather six months out of work, protesters shutting down “X” for a week means little more than an inconvenience.

Much depends on your attitude.
We were discussing this at work this morning.
A coworker had put the “what doesn’t kill you” quote up.
I corrected her.
“What doesn’t kill me, will soon be duct taped in the corner, bleeding profusely, and whimpering for its mommy”.

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