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I don’t think it’s to paranoid to say right now even if this denial of the legitimate powers of the President fight goes to the Supreme Court the left coast has already decided to make its own immigration policy. It’s what Trump said in the beginning …. Either we have a country or we don’t. The federal appeals court that stopped Trump is in San Francisco.

Can California make immigration policy for the whole USA. That’s unthinkable. It can’t be allowed. Abe Lincoln – One country indivisible. The super bowl of all fears.

I suppose the Northwest Redoubt and Texas better prepare for Jericho. I don’t see any way of containing it unless President Trump invokes the Insurrection Act revised in 2006 or 2007 and passed again and again since 1807. A lot of careful preparation for Hillary to become dictator and oops Trump happens. And he has the personality of a rock. Lol

Romney is probably in New Zealand hanging around the other millionaires with retreats there.

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