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Oh, the Dems are in serious trouble – no doubt. But I’ve seen that scenario before too. We shall see….

It’s the Republicans in Congress I’m concerned about, and the John Roberts-types on the Court that concern me. I don’t trust them. Romney/Cruz and others are TOO quiet. Only McCain and Graham are really speaking out so far. Either they’re being allowed to, or they’re just too incompetent to know better right now – or more probably, both. But there were some extremely vocal (and active) people trying to do Trump in from within the Republican Party, even after he was nominated. They’ve almost all just dropped off the radar. Romney’s not ready to go into full-on retirement with Anne anytime soon. Nor is Cruz. We ain’t heard the last of the Republican wing …. And they control the purse strings, law making, and law undoing. I truly hope I turn out to simply be too paranoid. But like most paranoids, I don’t think so.