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We go to the mattresses then if the Donald isn’t successful. I would take CNN as an example, it’s ratings have sunk below Nickolodeons. Trump boycotted them and the Nytimes. The left isn’t solidly entrenched. Charles schumer for instance has a dark shadow in NY – the junior demo senator Gillibrand. She ran as a conservative lib in upstate and became a turncoat. Her previous voters are not going to forget ( ever). The economic recovery in NY is built on high taxes and shifting money around. Anybody thinks President Trump is a dictator they should try Cuomo. How do they eventually pay for all this stuff in Nys??? Debt is vulnerabity and our new Republican President knows it better than any other politician in government. The demos have already forgotten the unions standing behind Trump in the WH when he sighed the executive order on nafta and killed Obama’s TPP deal. Ten ways into the trap for demos – only one way out. Knaw off a leg… Or two.