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I pretty much see it as you described it above. The problem is that the “low information voters” buy into the “news” media BS, and the wild card is what they will ultimately happen based on what the hidden-agenda Republicans in Congress do, along with what the “news” media feeds the public.

Probably the only disagreement I have with your post is whether Trump will be blamed if the economy takes a dive (I believe that’s already baked into the cake beyond anything Trump can do in 48 or 96 months). The media and those in the Republican Party seeking to unseat Trump in the 2020 election will do their dead level best to pin that all on Trump – pointing to the false Obama numbers that “show” a nice recovery in progress (DOW 20k, falsely low unemployment, etc). I do not underestimate the power of the “news” propaganda media to sway this country. The majority in this nation do NOT seek out alternative sources of information like we do (or they consider Huffpo and “The View” to be their alternative sources, where they see “confirmation” that their view is right.

Am I thrilled at what Trump’s already accomplished and is doing? Absolutely (with one lone exception being the specific Dakota Access decision). While I don’t like that one exception, it doesn’t even come close to spoiling the overall radical job he’s doing – unlike any previous President ever.

They screamed when Bush was selected over Gore . It died down , and he got 8 years .

Yes, but what did Baby Bush deliver? MASSIVE debt, the Patriot Act, etc., etc., etc. He was a Democrat’s dream President – they just couldn’t admit it in public – that would only further demonstrate that George Wallace was right – “there’s not a dimes worth of difference….”

I agree – Trump is like nothing else we’ve ever seen in the White House. Whether it will turn out well or not is much too soon to tell. As I said, it’s only been 14 days (now 15), and we haven’t seen what Congress is going to do yet at all, due to the confirmation games being played on both sides. Heck – the Republicans still insist on calling it the “nuclear option” (I’m surprised they aren’t even calling it the “nuke-u-ler” option). If they were REALLY serious about it, they’d have reframed it as the Harry Reid option, since that was HIS baby last go around! Congress is still a huge wild card for Trump. And the courts are already beginning to throw monkey wrenches into the works. Still, I’m cheering for Trump thus far – didn’t want him, but every other option available was worse.