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Bush used to ask …not jr. but daddy: is the glass half empty or half full. Every time President Trump comes into contact with the enemy he blows them away. He’s forcing his appointments down their throats, he’s making a judgement about the terror threat demos refused to make. Hes sanctioned Iran. Remapping the financial system. He’s keeping his promises. In only 14 days the country has started to change. It’s amazing. Even the navy seals drove thru Kentucky flying a Trump banner the other day. What we observe here is a fight where his opponent has two black eyes and a concussion in the first round. They haven’t layed a glove on Trump. At this rate the demos are looking like a KO in 2. As for the financial system collapsing, it could but Trump wouldn’t be blamed. It’s the demos with the lies, the irrationality and twisted logic. As power plays go the demos don’t have a dog in this fight. Complete disarray. You almost have to feel sorry for them, They had their crooked day and now it’s over. 90 seconds to live. Complete loss of situational awareness. Ding ding ding.


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