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I have to keep reminding myself that we’re literally only 14 DAYS into the new Trump presidency. Congress is tied up with wrangling over Trump nominations rather than any “regular” (whatever that is) business, and we really have no idea what effects we’ll be seeing that will be truly long term. But with that in mind, I’m suspecting that we’re long-term no better off now than we were on November 7th. If Hillary had won (and taken a majority of both houses of Congress with her), we’d simply end up codifying the official end of the Republic. Here pick to the Supreme Court (and any subsequent picks, since Ruthie would likely finally step down had Hillary won) would ensure the longevity of that codification process.

But instead, the coin was tossed and the OTHER side of that same coin came up – Trump was declared the victor. And the nation erupted, along with the whole world, who bought into the media blasts about who/what Donald J. Trump is. Who the heck REALLY knows – yet? Still, the fact is, the resurfaced 60s/70s radicals are back out in force in their various costumes (be it black-clad ninjas, or REVCOM.US sign-holding “protestors” (read: “anarchists”), or whatever, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bill and Bernardine finally come back “out” and re-form the Weatherpersons, along with an attempted resurrection of Saul Alinsky and the other half of the Cloward-Piven duo (Frances Fox Piven is still alive and spewing VERY well, thankyouverymuch). Oh – and don’t let me forget BLM – that link has been proven by the rare mistakes by the MSM as they briefly showed photos of the REVCOM.US signs at Ferguson’s and Philly’s “spontaneous” <gag!> protests.

Either the radicals now win by destroying everything, or The Donald stomps a jack-boot on the necks of the entire US through police actions that effectively turn this into a police state. Then CWII breaks out. The Republic is dead anyway. Trump may be King for a Day, but he sure ain’t going to be king for more than four years – if he lasts that long. Eight years? I can’t currently imagine it. That doesn’t mean I don’t hope he’s far more successful than what I expect he can be (or not), it’s just what seems like the most realistic outcome. After all, we are discussing Selco’s latest article (“If I was in America, I would….? “).