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Guy (typo that initially had me scratching my head) or gay, I don’t really care. But until just now I wasn’t aware of his sexual orientation, nor had I been aware of the reported fact that he claims his Jewish roots through his mother, though also claims to be a practicing Catholic. As a result, I’m sitting here laughing my butt off at the absurdity of it all. Then reality is creeping back in, and the laughter begins to die off…. Yes – that’s actually funny about the so-called “birthplace of free speech” (which Berkeley IS NOT – it was never about free speech unless it was radical leftist speech). I grew up and went to college in the 60s, and remember all too well about Berkeley, the UC chancellor (Martin Meyerson), and what Meyerson imported into the NY State system once they got rid of him in California. The irony would be delicious and hilarious – IF the left acknowledged the facts. But they don’t. But what this really is, is about a defector from the LGBTQFMTWThFSS crowd who’s also giving Jews like Bernardine Dohrn and others a bad name. That MUST be stopped! LOL! The late 60s and 70s are back in full force!!!! Wheeeeeeee!

Actually, whatever else Milo Yiannopoulos is, he’s a self-serving narcissist making a bundle of money off all his publicity. And thus he’s not worth my time. What’s important is to realize what’s REALLY going on, and that was pointed out by Malgus in his post elsewhere recently ( http://community.shtfschool.com/forums/topic/1st-feb-2017-selcos-latest-article/#post-51128 ). Now THAT is important, and yes, it really IS worth the time to read it. It’s either a wonderful reminder of some details some of us may have forgotten, or it’s an education you couldn’t pay money to get (because it isn’t being taught anywhere). Those folks are still around, training others, and getting better by the decade. Milo? And excuse for media coverage for whoever wants it.