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Way to go, Tweva! My hat’s off to you on that project. Are you dependent on sunlight, or are you also using batteries in the field(s)? – just curious. And did you use a cross-over system in the house, or are you using a separate 12 or 24 volt system for those lights? Part of me is wanting to take the plunge, particularly if we remain in this house potentially to the “end,” but I’m hesitant, knowing enough to know that I don’t know enough. 50 years ago I had the knowledge to do it (passed a general class amateur radio license exam in my mid-teens and built some of my own equipment). But unfortunately I’ve forgotten FAR more than I retain now (“use it or lose it” – I didn’t, so I did). And technology has changed dramatically since the days when my exam was only beginning to get into solid state electronics, still focusing then on vacuum tube technology, LOL!