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Ah, yes…. Government regulation. No do-it-yourself projects allowed! Let’s see what President Trump can do about that kind of idiocy, as well as such things as the NON-THC-containing CBD (cannabidiol) oil that the Feds just clamped down on in the final days of the Obama administration – despite the fact that even in the face of differing state regulations, companies were allowed to mail it to all 50 states – until a month ago.

I can see a requirement for a code inspection when a solar system is wired into the commercial power system (or replaces it), simply on safety grounds. Sort of. But the libertarian in me says, if I want to burn down my own house because of my own idiocy, that’s my right. No, I don’t really go that far in reality, but it’s much more that direction than what you’re experiencing in Florida – absurd!

We’re virtually two whole weeks into the new administration – why hasn’t all of this been fixed already?!? [sarc/OFF] ;-) But here’s hoping….