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Whirli – I have no doubt, I have a no reason to complain. We here in Northern VA have had less than 1″ of snow this season and fairly (compared to last 5 years) moderate temps. But the winter is not over. I am grateful for Nature passing us by to this point. But last winter with the 3-4 ft plus we are nmot used to was too much. It would not have been bad if I did not have my elderly father with us that has dementia. Somehow, in his brain he did not ‘see’ the snow. The constant worry about the strange/life-threatening things his mind led him to do then is still too fresh. I had eight horses and other livestock to dig out and take care of …that would have been fine. But people. Take care of your health. The added ‘burden’ of my father and the worry was not good. Sad thing is he has more than enough money to be in assisted living…but family members (all that live on the left coast) are more worried about depleting his significant funds if he were to be sent there. Yet, sadly, do they come or call? Visit? No. Thankfully I have established myself in a small community that, just when I think I will break…join to save me. Selco’s latest post? Pay attention. You can not do it alone. Start now. Engage with your ‘community’…get and know your neighbors and do all you can to increase camaraderie and friendship. They can and will save your bacon. I will repay them in kind,

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