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Tweva, Maybe my opinion is a little stronger because of what I learned from my father. He always told me to speak up because he didn’t and many Cubans didn’t because they didn’t want to fan the flames. Well it is now 59 years. I do not agree on all the opinions of Milo but I think that all Universities need to protect all ideas no matter how radical it is to others. What is radical to me maybe not to you and what is radical to 99% is not radical to 1% which needs to be protected. That is true freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech is the most important freedom we have so when the left or the right tries to stop others from there ideas they need to be arrested.

Many of these people like Milo claim they are part of the Trump ideas but I don’t think so. I believe Trump is doing what he said he was going to do. I still can’t believe he is doing many of these things. But one thing I can tell all of you is that we stayed silent for 8 years and it is time to not stay silent. We need to speak up when they lie, when they confront us, when they call us raciest, when they spray a girl with mace on her face just because she is a Trump supporter. We need to take back our schools(very important since this is were Socialist are indoctrinating our children).

We need to understand history. GS, you are right this has happen in the passed. This will keep happening till they take over. Socialist will never give up.