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Freedom and GS thank you for your replies.I have been mulling this over for a few days (before this latest incident) to clarify internally my position on this. It does help to listen to others point of view. Currently have little free time to talk to others as life is over full, taking care of an elderly father here on the farm with dementia. So, again, thanks.

Milo, although he has very interesting points, to make seems to be out for the fame, the thrill and attention…the money he will make from his book no doubt helps. Perhaps his motives are more altruistic but it doesn’t at first glance appear so. He is interesting to listen to and I can certainly understand why he riles liberal young people (especially those that do not have fully formed and informed ideas of their own).

GS you put my thoughts much more clearly than I am able to do myself. I see Freedom’s point, but in this case do not believe fanning the flames as he is doing on his ‘Faggot’ tour, helps the country at all. And, it certainly doesn’t help the body politics mindframe…or in the end Trump (whom he is said to support and calls his ‘Daddy’). Sometimes it is better to step away and make one’s point(s) and opinion in or using another venue and tone. Here Freedom, at least for now, we in the US do have that option.

California is a beautiful state. I don’t wish any of my fellows harm. But sometimes I wonder why it hasn’t already cracked off the continent and sunk – and, not from an earthquake.