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It is worth your time. Trust me.

Wow! You apparently posted that moments after I started my response to Wildartist, so I just saw it – and read (most of) it. As I have more time, I will go back and do more than half-skim/half-read it, so I get it all. There are so many quotes I’d love to lift out of it for illustration, but that’d result in a post here that would be simply insanely long. Not to suggest it’s the best or most important, but just to set a critically important tone, I picked out the following:

Weatherman had f***ed themselves. They’d abandoned the Black Panthers, who now looked down on them. They were leading nobody. They could have made a difference with the organization of SDS, but they’d set it on fire to build Weatherman. And now they’d decided they weren’t going to kill people any more.

So if you’re a radical who’s willing to kill, but decide you won’t… what does that leave? How long can you keep bombing bathrooms until it gets boring?

Those that weren’t adults or nearly so in the late 60s and early 70s, simply do not know what is in that article, and would likely find it non-credible. I know nothing about that 451 site, the backgrounds and beliefs of those behind it. I just know that the article itself is profoundly, and urgently accurate. And virtually nobody will see it, let alone spend the time to read it. Avoid it at your own peril – it shows just how incredibly well the MSM and the textbook creators have done their jobs. Don’t believe in huge, successful conspiracies? One can’t unless one is presented with the evidence – that article is it. And a few of us around here are still living witnesses. The “enemy” is much larger and more diverse than almost anyone has any idea – and they’ve had decades more to organize and refine it. And they’re still largely underground.

How you came across that article, I have no idea. But much thanks for it. It’s now copied in its entirety on my hard drive – backed up daily.