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While my heart is with LTC Lakin, the petition is just plain stupid – and potentially dangerous. If Lakin wanted to suddenly claim some sort of conscientious objector status under some provision or other, and resign his career (a VERY tough decision once he’s an O-5 if he had under 20 years), he had every right to do so. But like it or not, Barack Hussein Obama was supposedly legitimately elected as President and therefore Commander-in-Chief, and was constitutionally sworn in as such. If Trump did a knee-jerk reaction to this petition and reinstated Lakin, it would embolden anyone and everyone with a grievance from now on, and create chaos in the U.S. military. We’ve got too many social experiments now “serving” (demonstrating) in uniform, under all kinds of banners. The only two banners they need to be serving under are the US flag and their unit colors – not rainbow varieties or any other variety. Again – like it or not, that was a “legitimate” order. If a Muslim Soldier wanted to protest fighting “fellow” muzzies, he/she/it should get out of the military. We don’t have a draft anymore.

And Malgus, the only reason I suspect there was no blowback was because that unit was from Utah – where the 2nd Amendment still means something. That and a small handful of states is the only place there wouldn’t be blowback.