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Tweva, I’ve got very mixed feelings. He has every RIGHT to speak, but there are a whole lot of very emboldened anarchists now cheering their victory. This is EXACTLY like Berkeley in the 60s. The university I graduated from nearly had the last couple of months of the spring semester cancelled because of Berkeley-style riots. An Air Force ROTC buddy of mine in the class behind me had his heart set on becoming a pilot, and already had a pilot contract in his junior year. Then he took a piece of concrete to the forehead from a group of those same types of people rushing down a flight of stairs, and had a head injury that caused a concussion and loss of consciousness. Bingo! Permanently barred from pilot training. The more opportunities “they” have to physically attack and “win,” the bolder they get – and the more destructive.

A personally experienced incident of fallout was indicative of a much broader phenomena that ended up occurring. The local police that were eventually surrounding and “occupying” the campus (countering the OTHER occupiers that were occupying actual buildings, burning priceless rare library collections, causing physical injury to ROTC cadets, etc.), became very troubling. I was in a “safe” building (where ROTC HQ was housed) AFTER all the destruction, and went to the bathroom. As I was standing there doing my thing, I had two uniformed police officers also standing on either side of me. Though in civilian clothes (we were told to stop wearing our uniforms in order to not “provoke” an incident), I was clearly identifiable due to haircut, non-revolutionary clothing, etc., as an ROTC cadet. I will never forget what I heard from one side of me, speaking to the other officer on the other side of me, as if I literally wasn’t there standing at the same wall they were: “F___ing ROTC! If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have to be here!” You want to talk about feeling UNSAFE at that moment, despite being one of only three people in the bathroom, the other two being police officers?!? Our cadet commander and his deputy were walking down a hill to go to their off-campus apartment one evening, CLEARLY in uniform (including the large “wheel” hats – not their flight caps) – when they got a tear gas grenade launched at them from the police on the street just off campus. There were NO protestors around them – just the two of them walking together. And finally, our campus never made national headlines when our students were shot – because ours didn’t die. Kent State had JUST happened, days before. But we had students that became radicalized BECAUSE of the city police, who shot birdshot into the crowds on at least one (reportedly multiple) occasion. And I personally witnessed police fire a teargas grenade into the air intake on top of one of the girls’ dormitories, emptying out the dorm in the early freezing morning – girls pouring out in their nightgowns and bathrobes. There were no demonstrations in the dorm – the police just did it “because….” One girl angrily confronted the police, was beaten with a billy club, taken to jail, and laid there in severe pain for several days before they finally took her to the hospital — with a significant back injury. Once she was treated and finally recovered enough to get back to campus, she was radicalized. I did not personally know her, but vaguely knew who she was. She had been largely sympathetic to the demonstrators before, but afterward she had crossed the line.

At Berkeley, the best I can come up with consistently shows that police stood around and watched the destruction. An entire ONE person was arrested. Certainly the American People did not “win” that battle.

The concern here is not so much that the demonstrators will feel more emboldened – though that’s also a significant issue – but that those tasked with protecting the demonstrators become weary, and also fed up with the daily threats to their own personal safety – and end up resenting and targeting (at least in their minds, though sometimes directly) the very people they’re supposed to protect. They SURE as heck aren’t significantly targeting those that subscribe to Marx’s forcible destruction of the social and political order!

Trump is willing to be the target. And he’s much better than most at what he does (it would seem, at least so far). Let him do his thing. I tend to say leave the Berkeleys and similar venues alone. Who does Milo think he’s going to “convert” there – the tiny group of idiot “Young Republicans” that “invited” him? That’s absurd! Any “conservative” attending Berkeley is just plain stupid. Milo knew (or should have) if he and those surrounding him have any sense. Therefore, that was a provocative act, and quite likely to end exactly as it did.

With all due respect to you, Freedom, your opening statement is EXACTLY why I am not entirely on board with Milo-type speeches in venues like Berkeley.

I have family members in Cuba in jail for the pass 28 years for speaking there opinion on politics.

Look at where it got your relatives, and many others for far longer than even 28 years! Here we are in 2017, and I well remember Castro coming to power. What’s changed? The only significant thing is that our last Pretender-in-Chief handed them all kinds of travel money, contracts, and lots of other rewards, just as he did in the Iran nuke deal. The people of Cuba are little better off today than they have been for my lifetime – and that’s far too long. The demonstrations never changed anything. A few folks tried revolutions, but weren’t backed when it came down to shots actually being fired (Bay of Pigs for example).

I say, Trump was elected to do a job. Let HIM do it. We don’t need independent actors provoking needless violence, and wearying the police any more than they already are with BLM, drugs, murders, and now Berkeley-style riots where REVCOM.US is out in force (see the photo of the marching demonstrators – the “In the name of humanity” sign was pre-printed by REVCOM – Revolutionary Communist Party of the United States). I recommend reading the full article, paying close attention to the self-serving, inflated ego of Milo Whatever-his-last-name-really-is. He’s an amateur trying to be Donald Trump. And he’ll do more harm than good, I fear.


[NOTE: It’s extremely rare to even see a REVCOM.US sign in the US media – when they accidentally show up, fixers in the media quickly remove them from mainstream media sites. I guess they haven’t given the overseas media the memo yet that we don’t print those things and show who’s really behind much of this crap – some professionals, looking for opportunities just like Milo handed them. My 2¢ and I’m stickin’ to it – unless shown otherwise.]