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GS – thank you for that. Perfect analogy. Experienced something a teeny bit similar last week in small group I still attend. Practicing silent movement/making oneself invisible when visible etc.Met at old house, practiced walking through for some time. Being aware, mentally counting positions, making oneself small. Knew we would do it again blind folded. Each separately. Others outside. Walk through – or tried. Crashed in to everything.It seemed nothing was where it had been. Crashed/stumbled/bashed into all manner of things. -disoriented. The instructor had moved things about inside. He had been working on teaching us to ‘sense’ mass and energy (quickest way to describe). Many of us thought we might be making progress. Huh.

Years ago I asked the people that worked for our business to read a little book ‘Who Moved the Cheese?” Never forgot the lessons in that little book. The cheese has been moved politically in the US – for now. That little book shows exactly what is happening now as a result of the cheese being moved. But I think while Americans are so busy fighting each other, or falling prey to other distractions of the ‘modern’ tech world….some demented little despot may very well do something to start a war….and I have NO doubt Mother Nature is going to put her 2 cents in, in the most unexpected way. She is ruthless – and will give many something to REALLY think about. She does not suffer fools greatly. Expect chaos – be grateful for any calm where and when you find it.