Right or wrong, refusing an order is The End of your career.

You will be nuked and tossed out on your ear.

Doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong. I am not agreeing with it, just saying how it is.

The only time that I am aware of when an order was refused on the grounds that it was an unConstitutional order was when a certain unit was ordered to confiscate legally-owned civilian firearms from people in New Orleans after Katrina. Only in that case, it was an entire company refusing the order.

They were quietly moved out of the area and replaced.

Best of my knowledge, there was no “official” blowback.

Dude made his choice and has to stand by it. We all have those moments – a gut check. He made his decision and I am sorry “official” blowback came his way… but he sacked up and did what he believed in.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1