I agree that this euphoria, thinking that a new leader who seems to espouse our Constitutional form of govt–will be our savior–is extremely dangerous. It could all turn upside down in a few hours. Do not be mesmerized into complacency. If anything, it has given us a few years (or months) of reprieve in which to continue to strengthen OURSELVES and our situation. And mindset, bracing for the storm to come.
The world is in a very volatile state, ready to erupt on many fronts. Hatred and excuses for violence are becoming more open. Take, for example, a keynote speaker in the recent virtually pornographic “Women’s March” in DC (I am a woman therefore can criticize it LOL)–she had tortured and raped a man years ago. Her excuse was her ‘marginalized young life.” Sorry, but I was very poor and abused and hungry and enslaved in hard work for many decades, and never killed or tortured anyone. Made my own career in a man-dominated field without whining or needing govt help. And work with compassion with the less fortunate in this country and overseas.
As Selco so wisely points out–from bitter experience: Do not let the euphoria deceive us. Bad times are ahead. We can only depend on ourselves, our families, our group and on God.

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