Outstanding ideas! I think I remember reading about the killway maybe 10 years ago, was it? Some guy was wanted by the FBI. So he rigs his stairwell with wire cage doors at each end – one slid straight down, the other, at the top, was hinged and slammed shut flush with the floor. Two FBI goons show up at his house looking for him and make it halfway up the stairs – bam! Trapped like bugs. Dude had reinforced the stairwell so you couldn’t kick your way out, and the FBI goons had forgotten their radios. :) Oops.

To make matters worse, dude had set up a speaker system so he could talk to the Fibbies and taunt them… It ended when the dude let the Fibbies go and then gave up, but still… he was some sort of Macguyver savant. Made everything himself.

Your shotgun shell mine reminds me of the old German WWII toe-poppers. Just a small wooden box with a small amount of plastique in it. You step on it and “pop!”, it blows the end of your foot off. Since it was made with wood and only the bare minimum of wiring, mine-sweepers didn’t pick them up. Really nasty.

The thing about setting up things like improvised mines, etc, is that if you don’t write down where every mine is on a map, eventually folks forget where they were – either they vacate the area or get killed and then NOBODY knows where they are anymore… to this day, there’s multiples of millions of mines around the world, buried and forgotten. There’s no go areas in Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, the Middle East, etc, because of those things. They’re a scourge, and every year, thousands die from stepping on 30 year old mines… I would be very, very careful about IF I would deploy such things, and then where I deployed them. It’s one thing to have a Bad Guy bumble into your funhouse and get blasted… it’s another thing to have someone’s kid bumble into your funhouse 15 years later, long after you’ve died or left the area…

If anyone wants to read in-depth about nasties you can leave for the Bad Guys, pick up a copy of FM 5-31 and/or FM 12-43, both of which deal with mines and booby traps… also FM 5-15 on Field Fortifications. These can be found either on Ebay, Amazon or even for free online… even if you don’t actually build anything, knowing HOW such things are built is invaluable…

And remember – when things go pear shaped, like Selco went through, you do what you have to do to stay alive and in one piece. Nobody will fault you for that. But when things start to normalize again, you are bound, ethically and morally, to go around and deactivate or clean up all the little toys you left laying around for the Bad Guys… And if you are unable, you are still bound, morally and ethically, to tell whomever is in charge where you put your toys so they can take care of it…

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1