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We can only hope the analogy holds firm. And it’s not just the Dems I’m concerned about. Where are the ultra-vocal Republicans that labored so loudly and long to destroy Trump before and even after the nomination? Evan McMullin didn’t emerge all by himself, and only followed a number of other characters the NeverTrump movement tried to rope into the game. Why do we not hear ANYthing from Romney, ANYthing from Cruz, etc.? And Trump has brought Reince Priebus deep inside – hopefully so he can keep a closer eye on him, and maybe even see if he can catch Priebus double-dealing him. As the article says, and I believe it (long before this article ever said it), Trump doesn’t really have a “Republican majority.” There IS one, but it’s not his. They’re snakes. And snakes can pop out from anywhere – vents, from under cabinets (or even from within Cabinets!), from holes in walls, sofa cushions, bushes – you name it. Where did all the Republican snakes disappear to? They ain’t dead!

But as I said, I do hope the analogy holds very firm. If he’s defeated, we’re screwed. I don’t think the nation will get another chance. Nice guys like Ben Carson don’t have the pelotas to really win in that league, and if Trump is defeated in purpose even before he’s defeated in 2020, the nation will be sufficiently “convinced” (read: “brainwashed” of course) into believing that we can never again bring in an “inexperienced” non-politician to do the job. Of course all the insiders have proven they’re what’s wrong with it all, save Ron Paul who was cut off AT the pelotas and not allowed any power.