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And MB, I’m VERY happy for y’all up there! Self determination, though opposed by people that “we” end up electing, is still apparently alive and well in sufficient numbers up there that it works.

Having spent a number of years in the Air Force, I got used to living around people that were “different” from the ones I grew up around (almost all white, middle-class, native English-speaking people). I saw others (mostly black people) when I went downtown to the large city (Detroit – which was a safe place to go back then), but that really wasn’t an issue until the 60s when the agitators were just beginning their work of stirring up “protests.” Good, decent people within the white community were already trying to effect change from within – such as Governor (George) Romney’s wife, who quit the prestigious “Women’s City Club” after trying to get them to accept a very decent black woman into membership. She failed, so she quit. Brief headlines in the Detroit News and TV news, but it wasn’t a militant thing where she was calling for boycotts of the Women’s City Club, their leaders’ (or their husbands’) businesses, etc. – just an honest statement that people are just people. Boy, did THAT idea ever get hijacked!

But as I moved around in the Air Force, one place I went had significant racial tension in the community – but not in our neighborhood. Ours was very near the base, and most of the people living there were Air Force, or DoD civilians, or retired versions of either of those. Within two or three doors of our home in any direction were a black family, an Asian family, and several others that were decidedly “non-white.” We all worked together on base, and went home and lived with the same people we worked with. We didn’t think in terms of “diversity.” We were just Americans with strong feelings for God, country, and family. No big deal (or so we thought, since the government do-gooders thought otherwise). Nobody had to force some “diverse” person or family into the middle of us, because it wasn’t an issue.

Your area, though almost all “white,” would likely live quite peacefully with others also in the area, as long as everyone knew that everyone else had the same basic values, desires, goals, etc. It’s when we’re forced to be “diverse” that it becomes a problem. I always appreciated Barry Goldwater’s approach – if a person owns a business and doesn’t want certain people in that business, that’s his right – he owns the place! And if we don’t like the attitude (or happen to be one of the excluded people), we’re also free to go open up our own competing business and set our own rules, to include exclusion if we so choose. It’s called freedom. And as long as violence isn’t involved (on either side), people will generally work it all out for themselves. Forced “attitudes” don’t work. As I heard a child psychologist once say, you can keep slapping a toddler that keeps standing up in his high chair, and eventually he’ll remain seated – but in his mind he’s standing straight up! And at some point, he’ll act on that suppressed frustration – and look out when it comes!