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As usual, if you choose to read the full article, ignore the side links and sales pitches. Kind of like the old Playboy joke, “I read it for the articles.” But in this case, I really do. I’m a subscriber to two Casey newsletters that have not been changed since the Porter Stansberry buy-out, and they do very well for us. Most of the free emails I get, I either trash after reading the headline (they’re so blatant with their stupid sales come-ons!), or shortly after reading the first paragraph and the final one to see if I even want to read the “meat” of the article. So, with that caveat, here’s one that is worth reading. Perhaps the following quote will be quite sufficient, actually. But I’ll provide the link if for no other reason than to keep their copyright people happy. This (below) is exactly what I’ve been fearing and continue to expect:

There are many moving parts in the Deep State. Mr. Trump can try to pit one against another. Most are inconsequential; he won’t really care if the academic elite or the milk producers turn against him. But he needs broad support in Congress.

It is said that he has a “Republican majority” in the House and the Senate ready to do his bidding. This is not true. What he has is a pack of clever, self-seeking politicians sharpening their long knives… and waiting for him to turn his back.


‘Nuf sed.