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The Rutland refugee program is now thought to be dead as a result of Trump’s Executive Order. The local lefties are devastated of course. Two families had arrived last week and they should be it. My guess is that the initial families would have been carefully chosen so as to signal the community that all refugees are just like these families, so I doubt those two will be an issue in any way.

The thinking is that the program won’t be resurrected given Trump wants to cut the incoming refugee level in half and if so then there won’t be enough people for all the new communities that programs were starting up in. We can’t forget that there is big money in these programs for the people who run them and if their revenue is going to be cut in half then they’re going to consolidate operations out of necessity. When the left once again takes control of Washington DC then maybe it’ll be resurrected but we’ve got at least 4 years on our side.

One thing that ticks me off is the Mayor of Rutland saying that the refugees represented much needed diversity. I resent the implication that the current residents are somehow defective for lack of Syrian Muslims. By Vermont standards Rutland is already a pretty diverse place at only 96% white which makes it more diverse than most towns in the State. As I said before I don’t live there but it is where all of the services, shopping, hospital/medical offices etc are for the county and so we are all pretty much forced to go there often.