I doubt they are offing themselves. These are ruthless banksters that don’t give a rip about who gets stiffed when they load their greedy pockets. Right now all of us are getting stiffed (I know I am every April 15th) and there is more to come. Wait until all the 401k’s get emptied along with bank accounts. That day is fast approaching. The ‘theory’ will be a nice brainwashed presentation of a ‘hacker did it’ or maybe they will blame Bin Laden’s daughter or something?!?!? I think by now we know who the real hackers are.

Coincidence? I believe 9 of them were taken out within 7 weeks. Think, what are the odds? Hmmm 12 rich ruthless banksters decide life isn’t worth living anymore? Why wouldn’t these rats just jump ship like the politician’s do? Go retire in Dubai? These guys were Breitbarted.

Evil men conspire in secret and have since the beginning of time. That is not a theory. This whole monetary situation is being taken down by design, as well. You don’t pay back 16-18 trillion dollars (probably more than that by now) on the backs of a broken middle class and keep racking up the tab as fast as you possibly can, and flaunt it (I’ll not mention names here).

And governments do not produce money of their own. It is collected from us. We are the product that produces the money that is given to welfare and stimulus packages and social security wages, and (clears throat) private interests ….not the government. They collect like kings and live like kings and their kingdom is growing exponentially.

This whole big banking fraud is an inside job. I personally don’t like being robbed. Problem is the ones that aren’t getting ‘suicided’ are probably more criminal than the ones that are. When John Corzine’s son kicked the bucket, that alone should have been an ah-ha moment.

As intertwined as the Corporation of Amerika is with the banksters I would have to say these supposed ‘suicides’ are very political.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt once said:

In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.