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I saw and heard a very, very frustrated, and I strongly suspect burned out cop. I’ve seen that in FedGov employment as well, and watched some that ended up losing their own integrity because they were unwilling to stand on principle.

Frankly, I don’t care if there was action pending against him, and he chose to get out rather than face the music for his refusal to violate closely held personal values, based on constitutional principles – that would not surprise me at all if it turned out to be the case. Without evidence of any unsavory hidden motive here, I don’t condone even tentatively calling his motives into question. Prove otherwise, and slam dunk him – no problem. But otherwise, I’m taking this video at face value, because even without direct knowledge of his situation (and motives), I have witnessed (and even experienced) these feelings and dilemmas too many times with very decent, dedicated people. Without any contrary evidence, I’m buying into his story, and my heart goes out to him. What a waste that “we” have lost such a man in his former position. The signs are many and classic in the video.