Passengers cheer as woman berating Trump supporter is kicked off plane. Lol

Thank you Mr. Trump. And thank you Mr. Putin for putting down Pussyriot.

I couldnt help but notice the cat ears symbol. Russia and the USA really do have something in common. An excess of vagina politics recently. Is that you Mr. Soros.

Remember WW2? when the two nations capable of flooding the world with material got going ……….they were unstoppable ! ( the United States and Russia ) . The globalists have not forgotten , the terrorists have not forgotten , and they fear these two nations partnering up again to clean up some things they would rather not have cleaned up . They know that these two nations working together , is a threat that could not be stopped ! They depend on a cold war perpetuation , or they are screwed , and screwed BIG TIME ! . This to is why they tried so hard to get Trump out of the picture , they understand that two nationalists , would be able to make agreements , that ego driven globalist could not . I like both Putin and Trump , because they dont apologize for putting their own country first , and dont give a crap about what anybody thinks .