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Tolik, I read your post THREE times because it was that good! We all need to do our part now. It is our turn. This is what we have been waiting for! Trump is NOT a Republican or a Democrat, he is a Nationalist that will do everything for the people. Yes he will have his ups and downs that we will all say oh my God but Trump is NOT a politician. He is going to try what no one else has tried in a long time and that is to have the people rule again. He has put his billions, his life on the line for all of us. Ask your self would you have done this if you had billions of dollars?

But he does need all of us now to be able to fight the globalist. If we all do our part as little is our part is We The People will win. I will do my part from today on.

Brulen I will pray for you since you are in the heart of the liberal left state. Stay strong and get together with the same people like you, find them. As a group you will be stronger and win.