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The enemy within and the enemy outside our borders. Just to put this in a personal perspective I received my invitation ( and wife as well ) to leave NYS yesterday in the mail. The state police want a 5 year recertification of pistol permits (information already available to them from other sources) under the Nazi Safe Act that Cuomo rammed thru using NYC blacks. Its totally unconstitutional but this is the day after the inauguration …. even more ludicrous. Things are different. I have a year to submit the paperwork Jan 31 2018. I THINK NOT. Trump is going to defund Ny and I completely agree. No sanctuary cities, no money for evil gun laws. My guns get confiscated though for some assinine liberal reason I’m relocating. If there’s not a jury or judge or 2nd amendment issue permitted in a court challenge Ny has adopted Obama & Hillary’s liberal dictatorship principle and elevated it to a two country solution. Ny has basically seceded from the US. Lincoln would have sent troops immediately and he did in the Nyc draft riots.

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